Duplicate Receive Connector in Exchange 2013 to the other server

Duplicate Receive Connector in Exchange 2013 to the other server

While been extending and modifying my Exchange infrastructure, I was needed to duplicate Receive Connectors from one server to another. I wrote a simple template script for this task.

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Moving Exchange 2013 logs from default folders with Powershell

Moving Exchange 2013 logs from default folders with Powershell

As you know, there are many types of Exchange 2013 logs, and a lot of disk space is used - and - space on system disk. Theoretically, you can change paths of all logs in Powershell. But because of number of logs types in Exchange, managing all these folders (and file sizes, directory sizes, max age of files) becomes a true nightmare.

Thus I created for me and you a little memo in Powershell scripts, so I can run them after installing of next new server.

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Error 0x80094011: Windows XP client cannot enroll certificate from ADCS

If you still have client computers with Windows XP, you might encounter the following error while enrolling certificate from Active Directory Certification Services (ADCS), which working under Windows Server 2012 R2:

EventID 13
Source AutoEnrollment
The permissions on this certification authority do not allow the current user to enroll for certificates (this error you will find in Application Event Log on client computer). 

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Windows XP/2003 and SSL in today's reality (in example with MDaemon)

Time goes by, and Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 is not getting any younger. At the same time, security standards are developing independently of these legacy operating systems. Using them in your infrastructure, you not only put your entire it system under attack, but sometimes just lose functionality.

Here is example when MDaemon cannot establish SSL connection with other mail servers or clients (both while sending and receiving mail)

If you are using MDaemon with Windows Server 2003, you may experience problems with delivering or receiving mail from other mail servers.

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Backing up the MS SQL (including Express) databases with Powershell script

In free edition of the Microsoft SQL Server - Express - you have no possibility to schedule backups. But you can set up backups with the help of Powershell scripts and Windows Task Scheduler.

Take a look at the script - that's my way to SQL backups. The script does not delete old backups, but please read my article Deleting old files and folders in Powershell, it will help. And also - Running Powershell script in scheduled task.

Please notice highlighted lines - there you will have to set your SQL-instance and path to backups.

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[HOW-TO] disable Smooth Scrolling in new Opera (at least in 36 version)

In the brand-new 36 version of Opera browser, developers have enabled smooth scrolling by default. Perhaps, on fast and powerful computers with nice graphics card this feature improve experience on surfing, but on my two PCs with embedded video-card, smooth scrolling is definitely not smooth but very annoying!

Check the simple way to disable it.

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Parsing sites and web-pages with Powershell / Invoke-WebRequest / getElementsByTagName and fight with performance

Sometimes you need to parse some site or big web-page. Google offers many programs and even software complexes to perform this task, but I want to show, how you can quite simply do this with the help of Powershell.

There is a Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet in Powershell, that actually parse HTML-page by tags and content. Cmdlet give you an object of page with ParsedHtml property. To this field you can apply methods to extract needed data.

Assume you need to get all links from the page. See how it works.

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