Invoking commands in Linux systems via SSH with the help of Powershell

In one of my projects, I was needed to write a script that will send SMS messages. We already had Linux server with GSM-modem that accepted commands sent by SSH. So, I was only needed to connect from Windows system to Linux with SSH protocol.

I tried to use the SSH-Session module for Powershell, but it have some issues when sending commands. So I started to work with Posh-SSH module.


Lets install Posh-SSH:

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[Powershell Basics] Find a path for Powershell modules in your system

When you downloading some modules for Powershell, you will need to install that modules. Powershell module - is a folder. You will copy module folder to modules repository (also a folder).

How to find modules repository folder?

PS H:\> $env:PSModulePath -split ';'
C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphere PowerCLI\Modules

In other system:

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Solving problems with UAC in Windows Server 2012

Suddenly for me, Veeam Backup & Replication started to throw errors while backing up some of my virtual machines. As I have managed to find out, root problem was in that Veeam could not run pre-freeze script to stop some services.

Futher researches showed that UAC denied starting of scripts. When I tried to run script with elevated permissions, stop-start of services was performed without any problems.

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How to connect Shared MailBox to Outlook

Shared Mailboxes first appeared a long time ago (in Exchange 2007), but usually administrators do not use them, despite the fact that this type of mailboxes is very useful to provide conjoint mailbox for multiple users!

I'm constantly getting requests from my users to create common e-mail address for a bunch of users (even departments). Now I'll very briefly show you how to perform the task.


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Computer Tabular Status for Approved Updates report in WSUS in Powershell

When you have many WSUS-servers with central server in your organization, it might be very difficult of getting reports from computers.

Once I was needed in script to show me, at which computers I dont have approved updates installed. There is a report in WSUS console that can give me such info (it called Computer Tabular Status for Approved Updates), but I was not able to go to every WSUS-server and run this report. Its a very weird task when you have 5-10-15 of WSUS-servers.

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Get list of delegated mailboxes and delegates in Exchange 2010\2013

Get list of delegated mailboxes and delegates in Exchange 2010\2013

Sometimes you will need to get a list of users (delegates) that have access to other mailboxes (delegated mailboxes). Exchange 2010/2013 provides Get-MailboxPermission cmdlet that can query mailboxes for permissions. 

You can extend use of cmdlet to all mailboxes:

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Removing Ghost-Mailboxes from Exchange 2010/2013

In Exchange you can encounter issues when you move mailbox between databases. And after this issues you can have, for example, 2 (or several) mailboxes in your databases which belongs to a single user. And of course, only one mailbox from them linked to Active Directory user account.

And one more thing - mailboxes that are not used, NOT marked as Disconnected or SoftDeleted.

These mailbox are known as ghost-mailboxes.

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