Clear CRL (Certificate Revocation List) cache on client computer

While testing the Microsoft PKI project in my organisation, i've encountered strange issue: user's certificate have been revoked, CRL published, but client computer was not requesting new certificate for user.

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Howto import all domain users into Microsoft Lync 2010/2013

While working with Microsoft Lync Server, you will have a basic task you cannot perform quite quickly from GUI - enabling domain users in Lync Server, so that they can log in with client software.

It seems that in Microsoft they think we must solve this issue with powershell scripts.

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Manage NTFS ACL (Access Control List) in Powershell

How to simplify and make more easier managing access rights for files and folders and their inheritance? Take a note to use popular and useful script File System Security PowerShell Module. 

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Generate complex password in two strings in Powershell

Generate complex password in two strings in Powershell

Usually, I generate passwords for my users by closing my eyes and chaotically pressing the buttons on keyboard. There is a new way now - I can generate it in Powershell easily:

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Enable copy-paste between virtual machine in vSphere client and local computer

While working with my projects in test mode, it was very inconvinient that I cannot use clipboard between VM and my vSpere client. Fortunately, there is a quite easy way to enable this feature.

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Mass modifying userWorkstations user attribute in Active Directory

Adding computers to which users can logon in Active Directory - task that administrators must perform quite ofter. Moreover, sometimes you must provide this privilege to all users in domain.

Here is the powershell script that will help you in this (it does not modify users that have rights to log on to ANY computers):

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How United States represented the USSR in the 70s

Conversation in the kitchen:
- Get in there!
- Let's drink vodka!
- Mom, can I go'll play the balalaika, read Lenin and milk a bear?
- It is possible, and do not forget to squeal us to the KGB.
- Dad, where my grandfather?
- It should be in line for coupons on coupons.
- Honey, it is too hot! Go, turn off a nuclear reactor.
- Shut up, Natasha! Let's drink vodka!
- Dad, I wrote an essay "For Lenin I am ready to rot in the mines."
- Excellent Sergey, drink vodka with your classmates!


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