Running Powershell script in scheduled task

Like any other scripts, you will need to run Powershell-scripts not in manual mode, but as a scheduled task.

For example, mass importing and actualizing Lync Server users database you will need to run every one-two-three hours.

Of course, Task Scheduler in Windows should help in this issue, but how to run *.ps1 file?

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Running Acronis Backup & Recovery on Windows Server 2012

Running Acronis Backup & Recovery on Windows Server 2012

It becomes clear that Acronis didnt released build of Acronis Backup & Recovery, that will work on Windows Server 2012. Actually - support was not declared, but we can start Backup & Recovery on 2012 ... with a little trick.

Sympthoms: after Backup & Recovery installation, management console didnt start with reference to "Acronis Managed Machine Service" (the service didnt start) (service name - MMS).

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Default URLs for default Enterprise CA installation

In case if you re broken default Extensions settings in Microsoft Enterprise Certificate Authority, you can check the default settings here. I was needed this information when I deleted LDAP distribution points.

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Enable Enterprise Voice for all users in Lync Server 2010/2013

Dont know, how is it going in your companies, but our users can call to any direction if they need it. In case of some issues, I can always apply restrictive policy.

By default, when we add a user into Lync system, Enterprise Voice is disabled. Here is my way, how I solve this problem. You can also add this script to the script that enables new users in Lync.

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Searching the string in MS SQL Server database

Sometimes, in troubleshooting and/or learning new software you need to find specific string or value in SQL database.

Here is the script to run in Query Editor over the base to find some string. In "set @search_string = '';" in quotes you must type in what you search.

The script is compatible at least with SQL Server 2005/2008 ... hopefully with later versions also.

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Transaction log truncating in MS SQL Server 2005/2008/R2

In Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/R2 truncation of transaction log is different than in SQL Server 2000.

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Export address book directly from the server in Lync 2010/2013

While working with address book in Lync Server, sometimes its very important and convinient to know, what exactly Lync Server have in its database regarding address book. You will need this, for example, when you working with Active Directory attributes that will be shown in contact card in Lync client.

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