active directory (ru)

active directory (ru)

  • Export Active Directory users to MS SQL Server

    Today's my script was written while i've been developing billing-system for Asterisk.

    Every user in Active Directory has an attribute with phone number. We will take this attribute and some others into MS SQL Server to use in billing.

    There are tons of scripts that can export AD users into scv-file, but none that will export users directly to SQL database. Of course we can export users into scv and then take this csv and import it into SQL database with the help of SSIS-scripts. But this method will generate two scripts, and if you have more than 5-10-15 AD domains, you will have 10-20-30 scripts, which is likely will lead to errors.

  • ADMT ERR2:7621 while migrating accounts within the forest

    While performing intra-forest migration of user accounts with the help of Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) you can get the following error:


    ERR2:7621 Failed to move source object 'CN=migrTEST'. Verify that the caller's account is not marked sensitive and therefore cannot be delegated. hr=0x8009030e  No credentials are available in the security package


  • Enrolling certificates on Windows XP from CA running on Windows 2012

    I've faced problem when user logged on computer running Windows XP, cannot enroll certificate from Certification Authority running on Windows Server 2012 R2.

    First, enroll wizard didnt start at all, and then it start but at the final step access error was shown.