exchange 2013 (ru)

exchange 2013 (ru)

  • Continuous password prompt while connecting Outlook 2007/2010 on Windows XP to Exchange Server 2013

    If you try to connect Outlook 2007 or 2010 on Windows XP to Exchange Server 2013, you will face an issue of continuous password prompt for an account.

    This issue is about some special kind of work with certificates in Windows XP.


  • Removing Ghost-Mailboxes from Exchange 2010/2013

    In Exchange you can encounter issues when you move mailbox between databases. And after this issues you can have, for example, 2 (or several) mailboxes in your databases which belongs to a single user. And of course, only one mailbox from them linked to Active Directory user account.

    And one more thing - mailboxes that are not used, NOT marked as Disconnectedor SoftDeleted.

    These mailbox are known as ghost-mailboxes.

  • How to connect Shared MailBox to Outlook

    Shared Mailboxes first appeared a long time ago (in Exchange 2007), but usually administrators do not use them, despite the fact that this type of mailboxes is very useful to provide conjoint mailbox for multiple users!

    I'm constantly getting requests from my users to create common e-mail address for a bunch of users (even departments). Now I'll very briefly show you how to perform the task.