ssl (en)

ssl (en)

  • Howto export RSA Private Key from bundle PKCS12 (*.p12) Howto export RSA Private Key from bundle PKCS12 (*.p12)

    When you want to set up SSL in Apache 2, you will need to provide to the service the following items: certificate for web-site, private key for that certificate, root CA certificate that issued web-site-certificate.

    In my case I got from our sequrity-men p12-file which contains certificate itself and the private key. How to convert this p12 bundle to RSA private key?

  • Windows XP/2003 and SSL in today's reality (in example with MDaemon)

    Time goes by, and Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 is not getting any younger. At the same time, security standards are developing independently of these legacy operating systems. Using them in your infrastructure, you not only put your entire it system under attack, but sometimes just lose functionality.

    Here is example when MDaemon cannot establish SSL connection with other mail servers or clients (both while sending and receiving mail)

    If you are using MDaemon with Windows Server 2003, you may experience problems with delivering or receiving mail from other mail servers.