Manage NTFS ACL (Access Control List) in Powershell

Manage NTFS ACL (Access Control List) in Powershell

How to simplify and make more easier managing access rights for files and folders and their inheritance? Take a note to use popular and useful script File System Security PowerShell Module. 

The module provides 10 cmdlets to manage permissions on the file system, like adding and removing ACEs, setting the inheritance, getting the current permissions or even get the effective permissions for a certain user.
The available cmdlets are listed below with a short description. More information can be retreived in the PowerShell using Get-Help.

Module page: File System Security PowerShell Module.

How to install:

Copy the folder NTFSSecurity into common Powershell modules folder (%PSModulePath%), for example: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules. Then import it into shell:

Import-Module NTFSSecurity



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